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Heavy equipment includes vehicles designed for heavy duty construction, especially earthworks. Heavy equipment is also known by the names heavy trucks or machines. Implement, structure, drive train, power, control, and information are all included. Read more now on

As with simple machines, heavy machinery functions provide mechanical advantage. The input force multiplied is what determines the length of the extension. Hydraulic drive is used by some machines as their primary means of movement. It is for this reason that employers ensure their operators can safely operate.

Heavy equipment

Forklift Counterbalance is the name of a vehicle also called a towmotor, lift truck or a forklift. The industrial powered truck is used for lifting and moving materials.

Forklift (Zoom boom): A machine which is very useful both in agriculture and industry. This forklift looks and functions like a normal forklift, and it has the same functionality. It is actually a crane with telescopic arms that can extend upwards or forwards. Operators can add attachments to the vehicle’s bottom, including pallet forks and buckets. They can also attach lift tables, muck grabbers, or even telescopic booms.

An aerial boom lift This type of platform consists of buckets or platforms at an end with a hydraulic system.

Scissorlift: It is a device used for temporary access in areas that are otherwise not accessible, such as at heights.

skid steer: A rigid-frame, engine-driven machine that features lift arms. The tool is attached to the frame. Four-wheel vehicles with tracks that have mechanically locking wheels each side. Drive wheels on left and right are independent.

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