What To Do And Not Do When Buying A Pool Fence

A while back, I wrote a piece on how to buy a pool safety fence that is removable. The article was well-received and I was happy with its readership. After receiving some emails, I realized that there were still a few questions. After receiving a few emails,

I realised that there may be some minor questions unanswered. The fence costs a lot of money, so I think that this subject deserves more attention. Additional info?

Let’s first consider the fact that without proper guidance, it is possible to purchase a fence for your pool of inferior quality. Knowledge is power.

Start with pool fence companies. Check out local businesses in your region. You should not purchase a fence from any company more than 100 miles away from your house. This is because you may need to have service and repairs now, not in a week. You can check the distance of the company by using the phone number and address printed on the materials. Search websites to find clues about the location of the company’s home. Some pool fence companies can be pretty clever at concealing their true location.

They use independent contractors, who may not be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. They are known as independent contractors. Often, they are paid in cash by the company that installs pool fences and leave tomorrow. Ask questions. Are your employees covered by insurance? Can I look at the binder please? You should insist that they show you a copy of the binder. If not, it could cause a serious problem. Even better would be to have a copy. This should be no issue for the fence company.

A local company can also be chosen if you are in an urgent situation involving the pool fence, such as “the hole is there because the dog has eaten a piece of the fence”. This cannot wait. You need to fix it now and not next week. SAFETY CANNOT TAKE PLACE!!! You may be asked to take a “number” if you purchased a fence through an out-of-town owner operated business. This is because you no longer are a top priority. They have your money, and repair work does not appear on their list. You will get put on the list of things to do if they’re installing a fence around your pool. If they have a lot of work, they may be more willing to accommodate your new budget. Ask what your turnaround time is for emergency repairs. 48 hours is okay if the work is under warranty and safety isn’t an issue. Three to five days will do.

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