Why do Twin Flames fight?

Each person has their Twin Flame. This is your anima/animus, and they could also be the perfect partner for you. It is a relationship that requires a lot of attention and can be very intense in its beginning. Carl Jung, the great psychologist discovered that each person has a mental image of his or her perfect partner. Twin Flames suggests that anima and animus can be more than just psychic images. The other half of you could actually have been born the same day as you. Although both soul-mate relationships can be rewarding in different ways, a Twin Flame relationship differs from one. Your lives should parallel one another like identical twins. You can see twin flame tarot for more information.

The question is, why do we have so many difficulties in our relationship with our Twin Flame, when it’s our ideal other half? What is the cause of all this confusion and break-ups so often? You must first understand why you are frustrated. Your Twin Soul acts as a spiritual reflection of your own suppressed self. In a Twin Flame relationship, you will meet your shadow. The Twin Flames reveal what you are lacking in your life. The truth is, this realization can be painful. What you see as a problem with your Twin is actually a reflection of your inner self. Your twin can only be the inspiration for spiritual growth. Few of us have the chance to truly experience love when we meet our other half. Love is true when you love without expecting anything from the other person. Twin Flames are a way to express unconditional love. When you finally meet your Twin and realize that there is no way to unconditionally love someone else without learning how to love yourself, this realization will be a revelation. When you’re living your life from fear, ego and a feeling of being inadequate, it will be difficult to meet your twin.

The qualities of your shadow are those you have suppressed. Through projection onto someone else, we re-discover the aspects of ourselves that were previously hidden. Any relationship is affected by this. Chances are, when we show strong emotions in response to another person’s behaviour — we have probably stumbled upon our own dark side. This projecting helps us recognize the qualities that we’ve suppressed. Your relationship with your Twin will only be complicated if you respond to them in anger or terror. You can blame someone else much easier than you can look within yourself. It is easy to romanticize our partner and expect them to meet our expectations and fulfil our fantasies. Sometimes we don’t see our mate as an individual. The encounter with your Twin Flame forces you to examine your soul and gives you the opportunity to become more self-aware.

I have found it frustrating to consult with standard therapists. Modern psychologists have little understanding of the Twin Soul phenomena. The relationship is unique, but largely unknown. Some question whether such an encounter is genuine. Carl Jung is the one who was closest in identifying, recognizing and understanding the psychic energy at work and how it manifests. Your best source of guidance is another Twin Flame that has been through the painful transformational journey and emerged from it with an increased sense of self and understanding.