Property Investment Markets in Pattaya and Thailand

Investing on the Pattaya real estate market is not a new concept. The international hotel industry has invested billions of dollars in Pattaya. Yet, there are still shortages of hotel rooms and condominiums during the peak season. The largest investors in the market are from Japan, Hong Kong and China, as well as the Thai tourism market. They, along with the loyal European market, are seeking to invest in Pattaya Thailand to increase their capital. Even though the US Dollar has been weakening, US firms are still flocking to Thailand. Recent additions in the manufacturing sector include Ford and Caterpillar. Pattaya was seen as a better choice than Bangkok for industrial development due to the recent flooding and the modern infrastructure that Chonburi possesses. Read more now on pool villas

Real estate investors who are looking for a good return on investment have been fueled by the growing tourism industry. It is for this reason that investment companies are trying to break into the Thai market and seek out the “ever-popular Pattaya”.

Thailand is one of Asia’s fastest-growing economies and has attracted a lot of foreign investment. Investors are returning to Thailand in droves after the global financial crisis and Dubai’s massive debt problems. They see the many opportunities that exist. In recent years, Thailand has made great progress in its infrastructure, with improvements in airports, ports and road networks. Also, the energy and utilities infrastructure, power plants, and transmission grids have all been improved. Thailand is Asia’s premier tourist destination. It offers a world-class tourist industry for affordable prices, making it an attractive place for investors, visitors and relocators.

Completion of the Suvarnabuhmi – Bangkok international airport has further boosted the growth in commercial property markets and made Thailand more accessible via air. It is expected that the local airport in Pattaya, which currently handles domestic flights to Phuket and Kom Samui, as well as a few international flights from and to Russia, will soon become Pattaya International Airport. This airport will serve the southern coastal areas of Bangkok within two years. CPA Development can offer real property investment in South East Asia because of these factors that are fueling the Pattaya real estate market and coastal resorts towards Rayong.

Thailand is not affected by capital gains tax and investment values are increasing steadily year after year. Land prices have been increasing rapidly in recent years as the investment in this area has increased. This in turn continues to attract more foreign investors. It is now the right time to invest in the Pattaya property market and take advantage of the current trends. The trend has shown that Pattaya is a stable investment and now is even more attractive as the risk is lower than it was for earlier investors.

Strategic Economic Location

The city is situated on the Eastern Seaboard, which extends from Bangkok to the eastern tip of Thailand. On the Eastern Seaboard, you will find Thailand’s export-oriented industries and many large industrial estates. Laemchabang port is Thailand’s largest port for marine shipping. Eastern Seaboard has a diverse economy, with emerging industries in tourism, retail, and construction. Here is where the money is, and a significant part of Thailand’s Gross National Product (GNP) is generated. The infrastructure in this area is very good due to its economic importance. Recent approvals for new railway developments have made it possible to drive from the International Airport in Bangkok to Pattaya City in just under an hour. Pattaya, the refuge of the region for people to unwind and relax is the place where they can have fun and leisure. It is the center for tourism in South East Asia. Tourists arrive from all over the world, whether they are from nearby countries or another continent. Pattaya changes constantly, is innovative, and is always in style.

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