Hobbies and leisure time – Natural cure for anxiety

If you have hobbies on your CV or resume, it will be listed as a separate section. You may have wondered why. It is often the case that hobbies tell employers what kind of person they are. Happy, creative or intense. Extrovert or introvert. You can see hobbies that start with R for more information.

Sigmund Fréud, founder of modern psychiatry had stated that many mental disorders were the result of creativity not being realized and integrated (within life). Some people are forced to pursue “successful,” demanding jobs and often have to sacrifice their leisure or hobbies to progress in their careers. When they do have time, the demands of their jobs are so great that it is easier to take a break than spend time on hobbies. The anxiety that comes with no free time is unwelcome and undesirable.

Leading psychiatrists say that activities like watching TV, walking through a park or talking with your neighbors can actually de-stress you and help to relieve stress. It’s simple: When you engage in an activity that brings you joy, your brain will turn off worries. As your brain is not focused on worries, you will find that your body is relaxed and your mental clarity increases. It is possible to avoid an imminent anxiety attack, and to solve your problem. This is not what you call a win-win scenario?

Some people have a clear idea of what brings them joy and they cultivate that activity into a pastime or leisure occupation. How about those who have no idea what their passions are? Don’t be shocked. It is possible that many people never really thought hard about what they like to do. It’s easy to find out. You can find out by asking yourself: “If I were to have all the money the world had to offer and not be forced into work, which job would bring me the greatest pleasure?” Don’t look for just one answer. There will be many in your mind, and you may be too disappointed to continue searching if you do.

Write down all the ideas that spring to your mind. Once you’ve reached 20 stop. You should keep the list somewhere that you can easily see it. Allow yourself a whole month to figure out what you enjoy. Take out your list each day, and either add to it or remove suggestions. You want to get it down to just 10 activities. If you can make it even smaller, that would be better. When you have 10 things on your list, rank them in order according to preference. This list can be done. At least one time a week, schedule a session where you will do at least some of the things on your list. Do this repeatedly until you find the one that gives you most joy. Remember that you can have more than one interest.

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